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Aztec Style Hot Chocolate

Aztec Style Hot Chocolate

As served in our Chocolate Cafe!
The Aztecs were the first known civilisation to appreciate the power of “Xocoatl”, a fortifying drink they made from precious beans, harvested from cocoa trees growing in their forests.
Back then it was an extremely potent and bitter brew of cocoa, water and local herbs, particularly chilli. It was exclusively available for the elite of Aztec society and believed to pass on God-like powers of energy, endurance and virility!
Our popular version of the ancient recipe is not as strong and bitter as back then. 
But never fear, it still creates an energising and satisfyingly intense dark chocolate drink infused with exotic spices including chilli - of course!
The easy to follow instructions are included.
Please note that the recipe calls for water, rather than milk to be used, just as the Aztecs did. The drink is therefore vegan friendly.

Aztec Style Hot Chocolate Mix creates an intense dark chocolate with hot spices including chilli. This recipe uses water and is vegan friendly. Each jar contains 8 servings minimum.


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