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Cafe Menu

V - VegetarianVe - VeganG - Contains GlutenSf - Soya FreeN - Contains Nuts

Hot Chocolate

All our hot chocolates are served with a piece of chocolate to match... 
or upgrade to a chocolate spoon for 60p!

  • House Hot ChocolateV

    Kid's 2.00 Medium 2.60 Large 3.15

    Your choice of chocolate (45g!), melted down and then blended with creamy hot milk. Choose from: Dark, Milk, White Strawberry, Orange, Caramel

  • Aztec Style Hot ChocolateVe

    £3.50 / £3.95

    This age old recipe combines bitter chocolate with a blend of spices including chilli. Dark and intense. (No dairy)

  • Georgian Style Hot ChocolateV

    £3.50 / £3.95

    King George I kick-started his day with a hand-brewed cup of intensely flavoured hot chocolate. Try our version of this luxurious, aromatic drink.

  • Hot Choc StickV


    Make your hot chocolate yourself with one of our very own Hot Choc Sticks! Just stir and melt!

  • Spanish Style Hot ChocolateV


    A deliciously think and creamy hot chocolate with a hint of cinnamon.

  • Kids Hot ChocolateV


    Perfect for a younger bunny! A yummy house milk hot chocolate but milder and child sized!


All our coffees are served with a piece of chocolate to match... 
or upgrade to a chocolate spoon for 60p!

  • EspressoVeSf


    Small, black & strong - the basis for all our coffee

  • Cinnamon EspressoVeSf


    Small, black & strong with an extra cinnamon lift

  • MacchiatoVSf

    2.75 / 2.95

    Espresso with a spot of microfoam milk

  • CortadoVSf


    Double espresso topped up with microfoam milk in a 6oz cup

  • Flat WhiteVSf


    Double ristretto with a touch of microfoam milk in a 6oz cup

  • AmericanoVeSf


    An espresso with hot water, with or without milk in 8oz or 12oz

  • CappuccinoVSf


    An espresso with microfoam milk in 6oz or 10oz

  • LatteVSf


    An espresso with milk topped off with a layer of microfoam in 8oz or 12oz

  • CafetiereVeSf


    A sharing pot of coffee for chilled out days.

  • Latte MochaV

    3.50 / 4.00

    A latte plus chocolate! Try our delicious version of this classic

  • AffogatoVSf

    3.95 / 4.95

    A one or two shots of espresso poured over vanilla ice cream


We use Suki tea, a family run Belfast business who have been ethically sourcing loose leaf tea since 2005.

  • Pot of TeaVeSf

    Mug of Yorkshire Tea 1.90
    pot for one - 3.00
    pot for two - 4.00

    Belfast Brew, Earl Grey Blue Flower, Dark Cocoa Tea, Apple Loves Mint, Green Tea Sencha, Red Berry

Iced Drinks

  • Special MilkshakeV


    Based on our original 2009 Great Taste Award-Winning Bars! Choose from:
    Milk Chocolate with Yorkshire Honeycomb, or
    White Chocolate with Raspberry & Amaretti

  • MilkshakeV


    Choose from Vanilla Bean, Serious Chocolate, Salted Caramel or Berries & Clotted Cream

  • Frappé CoffeeV


    Iced and sweetened double espresso with milk & Chantilly cream

  • FrappuccinoV


    Iced and sweetened double espresso with milk, vanilla ice cream & Chantilly cream

  • Mocha FrappuccinoVSf


    A frappuccino with chocolate ice cream.

Cold Drinks

  • Wild English ElderflowerVeSf

  • Ginger Beer with Chilli ‘Posh Pop’VeSf

  • Strawberry & Rhubard ‘Posh Pop’VeSf

  • Pear & Elderflower ‘Posh Pop’VeSf

  • Plum & Cherry ‘Posh Pop’VeSf

  • Pure Pressed Cloudy Apple JuiceVeSf

  • Pure Pressed Cranberry JuiceVeSf

  • Glass of MilkVSf



We serve Purbeck Ice Cream - produced on a farm in Purbeck, Dorset, using fresh milk, thick double cream and an abundance of delicious natural flavours. Choose from 'Salted Caramel', 'Berries & Clotted Cream', 'Serious Chocolate' and 'Vanilla Bean'.

  • ScoopsVSf

    1 Scoop - 3.50
    Extra Scoops - 1.50

    Scoops of ice-cream, served in a tub or a cone

  • Red Berries Ice Cream SundaeVGSf


    Two scoops of ice cream served with berry compote, meringue pieces and broken amaretti biscuits

  • Chocolate Ice Cream SundaeVG


    Two scoops of ice cream served with chocolate fudge sauce, a chocolate spoon and one of our own chocolate chip biscuits

  • Caramel Ice Cream SundaeVG


    Two scoops of ice cream served with caramel sauce, salted caramel crisp pearls, and our own chocolate dipped honeycomb

  • Banoffee Ice Cream SundaeV


    Two scoops of ice cream served with sliced fresh banana, toffee sauce, chocolate sauce and Chantilly cream

  • Chocolate Orange Ice Cream SundaeV


    Two scoops of ice cream served with chocolate sauce, chocolate orange buttons, and a chocolate dipped crystallised orange segment

  • Vanilla Ice Cream SundaeVG


    Two scoops of ice ream served with Chantilly ream, a white chocolate shard and white chocolate crisp pearls


We always have a selection of fresh bakes and cakes in our café counter.

  • "Chocolate Fondue"V

    5.30 for one / £8.80 for two

    A personal (or sharing!) pot of melted chocolate with your choice of dips! Fresh fruit, Marshmallows, Fudge

  • Chocolate Tea Party


    Any regular drink with any four 'Chocolates on the Side' (see below)

  • Chocolate Three WaysV


    A decadent dessert; delicious chocolate served up in three complimenting ways

  • Chocolate Afternoon Tea

    Booking only, please enquire

    White Rabbit's version of the traditional treat.

'Chocolates on the Side'

for those who just want a smaller special treat alongside their drink.

  • Truffle Bites x 4

  • Fudge Pieces x 4

  • Pot of Chocolate ButtonsV

  • Marshmallows (x2)

  • Dark Chocolate Crystallised Orange SliceVe

  • Chocolate GalettesV

  • Amaretti Biscuits x 4G

  • Chocolate covered nutsVN

  • Chic Chip BiscuitVG

  • Rose Turkish DelightVeSf

  • Honeycomb RockV



Served 11am - 4pm

  • "Chocolate Lunch"GN


    One of our lunchtime bruschettas, followed by any fresh treat from the desserts counter or two scoops of ice cream. Upgrade to a chocolate fondue with a side portion for 1.50

  • Shepherd's Purse Fettal Cream with Confit TomatoesVGSfN


    Served on toasted artisan bread with crushed walnut and salad leaves, and drizzled with our signature Chocolate Vinaigrette

  • Field's of Anlaby Sausage BruchettaGSf


    Served on toasted artisan bread with roasted local vegetables and salad leaves, and drizzled with our signature Chocolate Vinaigrette

  • Staal's Smoked Mackerel Pate with Cress SaladGSf


    served on toasted artisan bread with a fresh slice of lemon, and drizzled with our signature Chocolate Vinaigrette

  • Soup of the DayVSf

    4.00 / with toast - 5.00

    Changes daily and seasonally

  • Soup on the SideVSf


    Served in a 6oz side bowl

  • Seasonal SaladsVe


    Fresh, homemade seasonal salad

Light Bites

  • White Rabbit BriocheVG


    Choose between chocolate or fresh seasonal fruit, served with Chantilly cream

  • CrumpetsVGSf

    butter - 2.70/ jam - 3.00

    toasted, with butter or jam

  • Toasted Irish Tea LoafVG

    butter - 2.95 / jam - 3.25

    toasted, with butter or jam

  • Chocolate GranolaVG


    Our own blend of granola using 85% dark chocolate from Santander, Colombia. Served plain or with milk or yoghurt.

  • Choco BeansVG

    4.50 / with cheese - 5.00

    Beans on toast served up our way with a deep flavour you have to taste to believe.

  • Fairy/Angel ToastVG


    Homemade white bread, with 'Fairy' chocolate or 'Angel' marshmallow spread and magic spinkles!

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