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An artisan chocolaterie

As an artisan chocolaterie, we craft everything in small batches where we can ensure our creations are of the finest quality and flavour. Each ingredients we use must be carefully selected, passing our rigorous standards, and the final product must always be a delight for the eyes and not just the taste buds. We mix our own unique blend of chocolates to provide a luxury flavour that is next to none for a satisfying and nostalgic experience.

We believe that great chocolate is for everyone, which is why we uncompromisingly use Extra Fine* quality chocolate in all of our imaginative creations, crafted with passion and creativity for anyone to enjoy!

Our Blends

29% White Chocolate

Our White Chocolate is based upon an un-deodorised** white chocolate made from Dominican Republic beans, unique due to its abundance of cocoa flavour notes. We then blend this with a deliciously creamy organic white chocolate, to make a 29% pure cocoa butter white chocolate-
“A blend rich in creamy cocoa flavour, but with the familiar sweet vanilla of White Chocolate”

38% Milk Chocolate

Our Milk Chocolate is based upon a 44% milk chocolate made from Venezuelan beans. This is a deep dark-side milk chocolate with flavour notes of roasted cocoa, hazelnuts and butter. We then blend this chocolate with a sweet caramely milk chocolate, to create a 38% cocoa, Extra Fine milk chocolate-
“A blend with a moreish, well-rounded milk chocolate flavour, but a depth making it fabulously indulgent”

70% Dark Chocolate

Our Dark Chocolate is based upon a 71% dark chocolate made from Ecuadorian beans. This is a complex, evolving dark chocolate with flavour notes of flowers, dried fruits and a subtle smokiness. We then blend this chocolate with an intense cocoa dark chocolate, to create a 70% Extra Fine dark chocolate-
“A blend with a complex and intensely chocolaty flavour, and a satisfyingly mild bitterness”


All of our chocolate comes from specially selected farmer cooperatives, or single origins, meaning our chocolate can be traced back to the source. This ensures it is not just ethical, but always of the highest quality.

Sally Hawkes

Each White Rabbit creation is the result of head chocolatier Sally's passion to learn more about her craft. Sally has completed training at London's Westminster College, the Callebaut Chocolate Academy in Banbury, Valrhona’s in Burgundy, France, and finished her formal training by interning with Master Chocolatiers in Vancouver, Canada, to become a Professional Chocolatier.  Sally has the expertise to not only create delicious chocolate products, but is now a local leading authority on the history of chocolate.
Signature Chocolate: Blackcurrant with Juniper Dark Truffle (3 Star Great Taste Award-Winner, Bronze Academy of Chocolate Award)

Kathy Emily

Kathy Emily has been coming into our shop since she was a little girl, and was scouted when she kept tagging us on social media, using our chocolate shapes in some of her own novelty baking. Now our trainee chocolatier and mentoring under Sally, Kathy is already blossoming and adding her unique charm to our White Rabbit mix.
Signature Chocolate: Matcha Tea White Truffle

*Extra Fine - Refers to the quality of the product. Extra Fine chocolate is of the highest quality, from the way it is farmed, processed and finally blended.

**Un-deodorised - Most white chocolates go through a process called deodorisation which removes the volatile cocoa odors, making it more suitable for the cosmetics industry. Un-deodorised white chocolate is rare, but leaves the chocolate with its natural chocolate smell and flavour notes.

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