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Georgian Style Hot Chocolate

Georgian Style Hot Chocolate

As served in our Chocolate Cafe! When George the First became King of England he brought his personal chocolatier (a Monsieur Tossier) with him to Hampton Court in order to continue his habit of beginning each day with a freshly prepared cup of delicious hot chocolate, flavoured with a variety of exotic spices which he greatly enjoyed discussing and choosing with the guidance of Monsieur Tossier.
After researching the recipe for the original Georgian version, we have devised/developed our own, which is much enjoyed by our Cafe customers and gained a “Great Taste Award” in 2015.

We use a high quality Mexican chocolate infused with our special blend of sweet, aromatic spices, including star anise, to make the chocolate powder. The easy to follow  instructions are included. PS don’t forget to use your best cup, make yourself cosy on your imaginary throne and enjoy!

Each jar contains 8 servings minimum.


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