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5 reasons not to feel TOO guilty about eating quality chocolate

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Chococraft upda 24115153 45dd27b619e68e60ec6264b73663b66bfca8f643

There is always one type of food craze or other doing the rounds.

These days it’s sugar that’s seen as the out and out baddie and root of all evil. The Government’s preparing to introduce a tax on sugary soft drinks to help take tougher action on tackling obesity.

A recent study by the Institute of Epidemiology and Health at University College London linked depression with excess sugar. Inactivity is costing the NHS over £0.9 billion per year according to Public Health England and diabetes is its sworn enemy.

Obviously, this is all cause for concern and something we take very seriously. However, at the same time, life is for living and in the midst of all this food related doom and gloom we thought we would look for a glimmer of light in the form of reasons why you don’t have to feel TOO guilty eating chocolate or at least, good quality chocolate, in moderation.

Not all created equal

Chocolate, perhaps understandably in the current climate, gets a bit of bad press but did you know that it does have its benefits, too?

According to the University of Aberdeen, eating a moderate amount of chocolate each day has been linked to a lowered risk of heart disease and stroke. They discovered that, compared to those people who ate no chocolate, people who ate up to a small bar a day had an 11 per cent lower risk of cardiovascular disease and were 23 per cent less likely to suffer a stroke.

But it does make a difference which kind of chocolate you choose to put in your mouth.

Our chocolate is extra fine, which means it has a higher proportion of cacao than mass produced variety, with at least 35 per cent in our milk chocolate products and a minimum of 65 per cent in our darker varieties. Added to this, extra-fine chocolate contains only cocoa butter, whereas a lot of the populist brands replace this with things like vegetable oil and go heavy on the sugar to achieve the flavours many people like so much, more cheaply. This is where chocolate gets its bad reputation from, because these additional fats and sugars are not good for you at all.

Here at White Rabbit we use 100 per cent cocoa butter and it comes straight from the bean. This pure substance contains the same types of fat you find in foods like avocado, which many people now consider to be a super food because of its vitamin-rich properties and cholesterol-busting powers.  

Our dark chocolate contains even less sugar than our milk chocolate, if you want to plump for a healthier option. All this said, it’s important to remember that chocolate is supposed to be a luxury – it’s never going to be completely healthy. However, as part of a balanced diet we believe there is no reason not to enjoy an indulgent treat every now and again.

Top 5 reasons not to feel guilty

As human beings we need and deserve treats every now and again – so you shouldn’t feel too guilty, so long as your diet is balanced overall

  1. As human beings we need and deserve treats every now and again – so you shouldn’t feel too guilty, so long as your diet is balanced overall
  2. Chocolate is a sustainable product. Cocoa trees take a lot of growing and leave a very minimal carbon footprint. Chocolate production adds to the world’s tree population and helps counteract deforestation
  3. It has less sugar compared to a lot of other prime treats, for example, far less fat than a pizza and less sugar than Haribos. So, it represents a good middle ground
  4. There is a lot of research to suggest that chocolate helps fight cancer, as dark chocolate in particular contains powerful cancer-fighting antioxidants called flavanols
  5. It can satisfy those sugar cravings and elevate your mood instantly, sending endorphins buzzing around your body in a similar way to a so-called runner’s high.

Ed, our business manager said: “Given what we do, of course I do love indulgence! I believe chocolate can be an ethical, wholesome and affordable treat.

“We have made it our mission to bring more of right kind into people’s lives, as well as making them more aware of the different types of products available.”

For more information about good chocolate’s great qualities, see our friend ChocoCraft's infographic, above & below.


If this article has given you the urge to indulge a little, why not pop into our Dyer Lane shop and let us talk you through some of the many varieties of chocolate and their unique qualities? For example, our 85% Abinao Africa dark origin chocolate. With its distinctive, tannic bitterness, it is full of those active ingredients we’ve highlighted above and potent enough to satisfy your cravings very quickly. Or, for more detail, visit:, call us on (01482) 679325, or email

Chococraft upda 24115153 45dd27b619e68e60ec6264b73663b66bfca8f643
Chococraft upda 24115153 45dd27b619e68e60ec6264b73663b66bfca8f643
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