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What's new in the White Rabbit Chocolatiers shop?

Introducing our new seasonally-inspired truffles

We just love the turn of the seasons here at White Rabbit Chocolatiers.

In fact, it’s where we take much of our inspiration from, because each favours its own set of ingredients.

And Spring is no different.

The promise of warmer temperatures and fruity and floral abundance, is our license to reflect this long overdue sense of lightness in our fare.

One of the ways we’ve done that, is by inventing a new set of limited edition truffles – as well as bringing back a perennial favourite.

Here’s a little introduction to each one, and the thinking behind them.

Campari & Grapefruit

Inspired by one of our chocolatier Amy’s favourite warmer weather tipples, this is a really dark truffle with a cocoa content of about 80 per cent. It is flavoured with Campari and a really intense grapefruit paste, made from concentrate. The result is a beautiful, clean flavour with a real punch. This truffle does not contain any cream but is made with a silky smooth water ganache and a blend of our Madagascan origins chocolate, whose own fruity flavor really complements the other ingredients.

Apricot & Amaretto

We find that Amaretto is a favourite of many of our customers, but we wanted to give it a bit of a twist and because this flavour works really well with apricot, we’ve matched it with a lovely apricot puree. Encased in a creamy milk chocolate outer and featuring lots of amaretto, we think this one is a real crowd pleaser!


We can only offer this truffle at certain times of the year because the finest quality fresh garden mint is its key ingredient. We create the main flavour by infusing freshly picked garden mint into cream and then mix that with a really fruity Dominican Republic dark chocolate and a tiny bit of milk chocolate, together with a hint of Swanland honey, to create a really aromatic, soft mint taste experience featuring local produce.

These latest, limited edition truffles are currently available from our shop at 14-16 Dyer Lane, Beverley. For more information and to order, visit or call us on (01482) 879325. 

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