Just where has that naughty white rabbit run off to with the eggs for the Queen of Hearts’ special celebration?

Solving this mystery, sibling rivalry and the threat of dire consequences were the focus of our captivating collaborative Easter show with She Productions and East Riding Theatre.

The talented cast had dozens of children following Alice and the Cheshire Cat through the streets of Beverley for the sell-out series of shows. They went off in search of the elusive white rabbit and enjoyed songs and laughter along the way.

Inspired by the White Rabbit after which we are named, the talented all-female theatre company wrote, produced and performed our very own ‘Alice’s Eggstravaganza in Wonderland’ to entertain local families over the Easter weekend.

The all-original musical play was created by director of She, Annie Kirkman, and led the children and their parents from the East Riding Theatre venue in Lord Roberts Road to our Dyer Lane shop, via a number of local stop-offs.

It fitted in nicely with our mission of building imaginative experiences around chocolate, and food in general, in ways that bring families and the wider community together.

A feast of enjoyment

Based on the classic ‘Alice in Wonderland’ story, the She Productions version involved a mischievous white rabbit and a protagonist called Alice. Set on the day of the Queen of Hearts’ Annual Eggstravaganza Party, she was relying on the Easter Bunny to deliver her prized chocolate eggs. But the Easter Bunny awoke that morning to an empty basket and a missing sister. The attendees were tasked with helping Alice to bring the naughty bunny back in line in the dramatised tale that even included a specially written song about our chocolate shop.

And it proved a smash with the parents and children who came along.

Rachael Stevens, who took part with her daughter Isabella, said: “It was really good fun and nice to have the opportunity to do something a bit different with the children over the long Easter break.

“Isabella was absolutely captivated by the story and helping to solve the mystery of the white rabbit’s whereabouts, which was lovely to see.

“And of course, we just had to round it all off with a treat in the White Rabbit Café at the end!”

More to come

This is just one of what we hope will be many more family events over the months and years ahead, and we’re busy working up a number of other ideas which will provide opportunities for our loyal customers to join with us in celebrating food – and of course chocolate in particular.

Our Business Manager Ed said: “This is just the latest in a series of events we’ve run so far this year, and of course we also had our special Valentine’s Taster Menu back in February.

“We just love giving people the opportunity to enjoy really great food in new ways, and new settings, and we’ll shortly be announcing other events including, hopefully, another taster event in the summer, so it’s very much a case of ‘watch this space’.”

She Productions are currently company in residence at East Riding Theatre, with plans to expand their offering and take some of their productions on tour over the coming weeks and months.

The cast for ‘Alice’s Eggstravaganza in Wonderland’ included Grace Christiansen as Alice, Allison Saxton as Caterpillar the Cheshire Cat and Queen of Hearts and Rachel Shaw as White Rabbit.

For more information about She Productions, visit www.sheproductions.co.uk

For details of future events like this, keep an eye on our website.

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