Here at White Rabbit Chocolatiers, we’re constantly upping the ante, in terms of our skill and experience.

The most recent example was Amy’s attendance at a water ganache-making workshop in London, hosted by world-renowned chocolate guru Paul A Young.

As every baking enthusiast knows, ganache is one of the hardest things to get right, when it comes to chocolate creations – one false move and you get inferior results and have to start all over again.

Amy is our chief developer of new taste ideas, alongside her mum and ‘master chocolatier’ Sally. To this end, she is constantly devising delicious new sweet and savoury taste experiences for our chocolate café, as well as our shop.

We know that rich chocolate cakes are most people’s firm favourite, so in a bid to make sure ours are the best they can be – and share some inspiration with our customers at the same time – she went along to be coached by Paul.

“It was a fantastic experience – I was a little in awe of Paul given his well-earned reputation,” said Amy.

“He answered some longstanding ganache-related conundrums I had in my mind, and provided us lots of tips and tricks for getting it right, which was great.”

Paul is a groundbreaking chocolatier who is at the forefront of the British chocolate-making scene and known for creating original, experimental and sometimes daring tastes. A former head pastry chef for Marco Pierre White, he and his team make all of their products by hand in the kitchens at each of their shops. Their artisan approach which has been recognised by numerous awards including ‘Outstanding British Chocolatier’ and numerous gold and silver accolades in the European semi-finals of the International Chocolate Awards.

He said: “It's great to have the opportunity to meet with other chocolatiers in this way, like Amy, who are as passionate as I am about our craft, to refine and perfect what we do.”

Water ganache makes a lighter, slightly less fatty alternative to the traditional cream version, and is in some ways more versatile. In the spirit of sharing, here is Amy’s fool-proof recipe for making a perfect one, based on what she learned from Paul.

Amy’s personal recipe for perfect ganache.

  1. 150ml water
  2. 100g sugar (unrefined caster is best)
  3. 300g of your favourite dark chocolate (our favourite is 70% Guanaja)
  4. Measure the water and sugar in a pan and measure the chocolate into a roomy bowl
  5. Bring the water and sugar to the boil
  6. As soon as it is boiling take it off the heat and pour it over the chocolate
  7. Stir energetically to melt the chocolate and bring the ganache together
  8. Leave to cool slightly then it is ready to use

Ideas for using your ganache

  • Pour into a piping bag and pipe individual ganache ‘rocks’ then dip them in melted chocolate and dust them in cocoa
  • Spread generously over a cake or dessert for an indulgent extra chocolate layer
  • Slather it over your favourite biscuits for a teatime treat.


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