Since she joined us a few weeks ago, she’s been inspiring mum Sally to invent lots of tasty new delights.

From raspberry shortbreads using our Tainori Cream 64% couverture, to summer berry cake (more on that one later!).

And now, two new truffles in a week!

The first one is our delicious new Pimms Cocktail truffle, which Amy and Sally, who is also our Master Chocolatier, have worked on together.

They’ve made it their mission to create that authentic Pimms experience in a chocolate – starting by making a fruit, mixed berry and lemon puree, infused with flavours of mint leaves and cucumber. They then mixed this together with a water ganache, a healthy allowance of Pimms and one of our fruity couverture flavours, Saint Domingue. They finished the truffles off with vibrant cocoa butter paint representing the colours of Pimms – orange for orange peel, green representing the cucumber and red for various berries.

Amy said: “Pimms is such an icon of summer that so many people enjoy, we wanted to encapsulate that in chocolate form. We’ve worked hard to bring in all of the flavours we associate with Pimms, and the seasonal elements it is served with.”

And then there is our new Strawberry Elderflower truffle.

About this one, Amy said: “Once again, strawberry is such a fundamental summer flavour. I was making a strawberry jam and it struck me that this would be a nice element to incorporate into a truffle. So, we created a concentrated jam to fill one side of the heart-shaped milk chocolate mould, and an elderflower and white chocolate ganache with cream and sugar for the other half, before piecing them together to form a pretty heart.”

She added: “Mum and I get really excited about the idea of creating new flavours. Our aim is to have something new for our customers to try whenever they come in – in both the shop and the café.”

If you have a particular favourite flavour you’d like us to consider turning into a truffle, pop in and see us at our shop, at 16 Dyer Lane, Beverley, HU17 8AE,  email us or call us on  (01482) 679325.

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